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Far too many of us don’t think for a minute about our own funerals. Many of us also don’t organize all of our papers, investments, bank accounts, retirement benefits or pension accounts in one place. So when we pass away (which we all do), our families are left to sort through the mess.

Zurich Life Insurance Company contacted Catherine Driscoll to develop a Survivor’s Guide. The purpose was to walk its customers through all of the decisions they would have to make upon a loved one’s passing before anyone actually passed away. The Survivor’s Guide was produced online as well as printed.

After significant research, the Survivor’s Guide included resources and helpful information that’s valuable for all of us. Here’s one nugget: Many people put their important papers (wills, bank accounts, etc.) into a safe deposit box at the bank. But unless your spouse is a co-signor on that box, he or she won’t have access to it after your death. So while your spouse is grieving, he or she will also be going through the probate process to gain access to your safety deposit box to actually get to your will!