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Warm Waves Infloor Heating System

Business Development, Chief Marketing Officer 

Warm Waves is a proprietary FAR infrared heating system for industrial, commercial and residential use. In addition to the infloor heat vertical market, Warm Waves has solutions for agricultural, bedbug eradication, and industrial ground thaw marketplaces.

The RED team has been deeply involved in the formation and development of this company since its inception in 2007. RED Communications’ Catherine Driscoll serves as its Chief Marketing Officer, developing the brand, operations, marketing and sales functions.

Warm Waves has been a B2B business for the first 10 years, manufacturing infloor heating products for major retailers that are sold in Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Warm Waves is now expanding into the B2C arena with its own suite of infloor heating products. Warm Waves is now the only grounded heat film on the market, and is well positioned to grow beyond its competitors on the world stage in the coming year.