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UCLB Work Trip

Union Church of Lake Bluff

“Come as you are.” accurately describes the family feeling of warmth and inclusion one receives from the congregation of the Union Church of Lake Bluff. As part of RED Communication’s commitment to giving back to those who give so much, RED is lending its marketing and public relations skills to helping the church update its website and communication processes, as well as share its story more broadly throughout the community.

One challenge faced by nearly every non-profit organization is a lean staff and a never-ending list of things to do each day. Marketing and advertising are not at the top of that list! Through thoughtful business planning and strategy, we’re helping the Marketing Committee identify challenges and target markets, find ways to further engage their already enthusiastic members, and streamline office processes so they can spend more time doing what they love — helping people in the community.

  • We’ve written and placed several articles in community newspapers (see below).

  • We’ve moved their Facebook Group over to a Facebook Page so that the church has an official site ¬†and we can more effectively use social media to grow and measure that growth.
  • Marketing Committee Member and IT guru Peter Reich worked with RED’s Catherine Driscoll to establish a new website using WordPress that will streamline processes for office staff; allow for fully searchable content and website analytics; allow members to post photos, comments and ideas; provide a central and secure space for church committees to post meeting minutes and share ideas, etc. (Below are pictures of the old and new websites.)
  • Working with Marketing Committee member and artist Carolyn Bielski, we’ve developed a notebook of advertisements that will be used throughout the year to publicize special services, events, and share the brand messages of the church.
  • Carolyn Bielski also updated the logo, and we’re now beginning the process of updating all the printed info. See below for the old (left) and new versions.

We’re just at the beginning stages, but we’re already seeing the results of our efforts. Stay tuned for more info!