Just For Kids

Do you like to color pictures of turkeys?

We do too! Click here to download The Town Turkey Coloring Book Pages. You can color them at home! (Please be patient. The file is big and takes a few seconds to load.)

Want to learn about wild turkeys?

Which famous American statesman wanted the wild turkey to be our national bird? How can you tell the difference between a female turkey and a male turkey? You can learn all about wild turkeys by downloading Fun Facts about Wild Turkeys.

Do you like to write stories?

In The Town Turkey, the people in the Village are really excited about having a little turkey living on the corner. But then, the little turkey disappears and everyone is sad. Where did he go? How would you finish the story? I’d love to hear your story. Send it to me at catherine@cdriscoll.com.

Can you gobble like a turkey?

Click on the little arrow below to hear them gobble!