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The Town Turkey

The Town Turkey Children’s Book

Creative Writing, Layout, Publishing, Marketing, PR
Inspired by a true local event, RED’s Catherine Driscoll wrote and published a children’s book, The Town Turkey. The book was a huge hit due to an aggressive marketing and public relations campaign that included a website,; creative merchandising; radio, television and newspaper coverage; social media marketing; a well-attended book launch party; and a tour of book readings in book stores and libraries, and presentations in elementary schools.

An accomplished and motivating speaker, Catherine received very high marks from students and teachers alike for her presentation entitled, “Discover your inner turkey!” The message? Whether you’re a writer, painter, musician, inventor, be inspired by the world around you. Copeland Manor Elementary School students voted Catherine’s presentation as one of their “Top Ten” activities during the 2011-2012 school year!

Catherine has completed writing her second children’s book, The Pinky Toe Who Wouldn’t Grow, a rhyming story for pre-1st grade children about feeling good about who you are, and is investigating publishing options.

Click here to view The Town Turkey.