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The Inside Scoop on Self Publishing

We all have at least one great book in us. But many of us don’t have the time, contacts or credentials to have our books picked up and published by traditional publishers. Nor might we want our books published traditionally.

Nearly one-half of books published today are self published, and 70 percent of books are bought on Amazon. And while self publishers claim that your book can be published in a few easy steps, the self-publishing world has become exceptionally complicated. Your understanding of the process and the available distribution channels is critical to getting your book published and viewed by the public.

The Inside Scoop on Self Publishing is an informative webinar about self publishing in which you’ll learn the ins and outs of self publishing, and the steps you need to take to ensure your book is published well, and made available to the widest range of distribution channels. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The self publishing process from start to finish
  • How and why to get an ISBN number, and how many ISBN numbers you might need
  • What you need to know before you begin designing your book
  • Who should (and should not) design your book and why
  • The different ways to sell your book on Amazon
  • How to make your book available on bookstore shelves

The Inside Scoop on Self Publishing webinar is available for purchase and download by clicking here. The cost is $45, and well worth every penny! (Note: use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser)

“You presented an outstanding program on self publishing! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the library patrons. Your strategies and step-by-step guidance were very clear and should help them through the process. Thank you!” – Carol Carter, Lake Bluff Library

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