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RED Rocks Post Card

RED Rocks Lake Bluff

Event Planning, Branding, Marketing and Execution

On July 13, 2013, RED Communications LLC sponsored a music festival in Lake Bluff to raise awareness of RED and three local nonprofit organizations that serve at-risk children: Beef4Hunger, Bernie’s Book Bank and Mothers Trust Foundation. This cause-related marketing event was a great way to showcase RED’s talents for exceptional branding, event planning and promotion, and the benefits of cause-related marketing.

The event was hugely successful and attracted more than 500 people. How’d we do it? The same way we approach every marketing project: by creating a strong brand and using an integrated marketing strategy across traditional media and print marketing, social media, and strategic partnerships with other businesses. Below are some details of the integrated marketing plan.

Branding: the name RED Rocks Lake Bluff works on many levels. First, it incorporates the RED name. Second, it evokes memories of the Red Rocks music festival venue in Colorado, a favorite spot for Deadheads and concertgoers from many generations. Third, we loved the play on words… RED rocks.

Engagement: attendees were encouraged to wear red to the party to receive free giveaways. Similar to school uniforms or concert tshirts, wearing similar clothing creates a sense of belonging, comfort and well-being. In the weeks leading up to the event, there was a buzz among women about what they were going to wear, and local stores were depleted of all red colored clothing.

Traditional Marketing: We created RED Rocks post cards and posters to lead the way in marketing. The post cards were placed in stacks at all strategic partner locations, as well as high traffic areas. Post cards were also mailed (in envelopes) with a personalized note to friends and clients of RED. Posters were placed in high visibility areas. The graphic design of both was outstanding, and helped to create a cool buzz about the event.

Social Media: Facebook was the primary social media engine for RED Rocks. (RED clients received personal invitations.) We cross marketed with our strategic partners to reach the most people.

Strategic Partners: RED partnered with Lake Bluff Brewing Company, Graffiti Grill, Jolly Good Fellows, and WISMA, all vendors at the event, as well as the three nonprofits that benefited from the event. We also partnered with Lake Bluff Music Company who graciously managed the musicians throughout. In advance, electronic files of the post card and posters were delivered to strategic partners for their use in their communication vehicles (newsletters, Facebook, announcements).

The Actual Event included five fantastic musical acts (we hired a professional sound person to manage this). We gave away red RayBan sunglasses that were branded RED Communications, red glow sticks and candy for the kids, and covered the lawn with red beach balls of all sizes. Red lanterns and red and white lights in the trees created a cool red glow.

In all, the event was hugely successful, and we’re considering doing it again next year.

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