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Personal Discovery Workshop

Do you love what you do every day? Do you spring out of bed, motivated and ready to accomplish something that brings you personal fulfillment? Are you happy in your pursuits, and on the road to achieving your financial and lifestyle goals?

If you are like most Americans, the answers are “No.” Research suggests that up to 80% of people are not happy in their current jobs because there is a mismatch between what they are good at doing and what they are currently doing.

While it is not uncommon for us to spend two weeks planning the perfect one-week vacation, most of us don’t take the time to really plan how we spend our days – to understand our unique skills and abilities, and what type of vocation, hobby or job would be motivating and personally fulfilling.

The Personal Discovery Workshop is the first step to finding your path with purpose.

Attendees of the Personal Discovery Workshop will benefit from:

  • an increased self-awareness and focus;
  • a catalogue of unique skills and abilities, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations;
  • increased self-confidence;
  • clearly established lifestyle, career and / or financial goals;
  • an understanding of what motivates you to action;
  • the tools to develop a roadmap and goals to achieve life and work balance;
  • guidance in finding a career path that uses your unique skills and abilities and brings you a sense of purpose.

Who can benefit from the Personal Discovery Workshop?

  • High school students preparing for college
  • College students with undeclared majors
  • Men and women interested in re-entering the workforce, and may be concerned about explaining a “resume gap”
  • Stay-at-home parents looking for fulfillment and purpose
  • Graduates needing jobs, or wishing to change jobs
  • Career professionals who want to rise up the ladder, or are ready to make a career change
  • Active retirees who aren’t ready to fully retire
To schedule a Personal Discovery Workshop for a group, or to learn about the next scheduled community workshop, please contact Catherine Driscoll at


Read what others had to say after attending the Personal Discovery Workshop!

“The workshop had practical exercises and worthwhile information that I used in both my professional and personal life.  The workshop is phenomenal and truly eye opening. I would highly recommend it!”

“This process was very valuable to me. I’ve never taken the time to sit down and think about what was valuable and motivating to me.”

“This taught me which traits really shine when I am with people versus when I am by myself.”

“This workshop really motivated me to explore more of what I enjoy doing and to pursue multiple things rather than just one.”

“I learned that I like being in leadership roles and having group responsibilities even though I am introverted. Big surprise to me, and I’m good at it too.”

 “This workshop exceeded my expectations, I loved it!”