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Kol Hadash Congregation

Internal Engagement, Public Relations, Website Development, Events Planning and Marketing, Communications Strategy and Planning

Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation, located in Highland Park, Illinois, celebrates Humanistic Judaism by honoring Jewish culture and tradition while empowering independent, human-centered choices.

To accommodate for a growing congregation, Kol Hadash has asked RED Communications LLC to assist in refreshing their brand image and developing a new website, an enhanced presence within social media and traditional media, and improved communications with members to enhance member engagement within the Kol Hadash family.

Updated Website: RED has worked with the Kol Hadash Steering Committee and Marketing Committee to develop a robust website using the Drupal framework. This website is connected to a backend contact management system which allows the administration and congregational members the opportunity to manage their contributions and events through one interface. We’ve also worked with KH to integrate their communications (weekly announcements and monthly newsletter) with the website to result in streamlined processes and procedures.Take a look at their beautiful new website here:

Target Marketing for Growth: Kol Hadash wants to spread the word about their congregation. Through research, we have identified specific market segments and are developing events and marketing materials to attract them. For example, we packaged together all of the child-friendly services in a post card, and created one online RSVP form. Families can reply once to reserve their space for one year’s worth of high holiday and special services designed specifically for children. This process also aims to encourage families to attend all events, and not just one or two.

Other Marketing Campaigns:

RED executed a social media campaign for Kol Hadash centered on their unique approach to the National Day of Prayer, May 2, 2013. Because they are humanists, Kol Hadash encouraged their members and others to Choose to ACT on May 2. “While praying for change is good, acting to make it happen is better!” The campaign encouraged community members to post their acts of kindness on the the KH Facebook page, and on Twitter #choosetoACT.

This campaign was so successful in 2013 that it has been adopted by national organization Foundation Beyond Belief and will be repeated again this year as a week of action.

RED has helped Kol Hadash raise awareness of their congregation and special events through the following media: