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DIG Ready

Branding, Business Development, Website and Marketing Materials

A local entrepreneur came to RED with an idea for a new vertical market for his FAR infrared heating film (Warm Waves). Capitalizing on the boom of the North Dakota oil rush in the Bakken Oil Formation, this entrepreneur saw a great opportunity to use high heat film  to thaw frozen ground in an area of the country that experiences -30 degree temperatures for months at a time.

Working with RED, the product’s name was revised to DIG Ready Industrial Ground Thaw, and a Brand and key messages were created to attract, engage and motivate target audiences. RED developed an investor package to help this entrepreneur attract investors, established key messages for all integrated marketing materials, established a new logo and company Brand, and edited a short video to prove the effectiveness of the product and attract the attention of oil field service providers in North Dakota. Click here to view.

RED created a website that integrates Facebook so that users in the field can share their photos and videos showing how DIG Ready is revolutionizing ground thawing technology.