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DB Annual Report2

Dade Behring

Change Management, Publications Management, Employee Engagement

In 2000, RED’s Catherine Driscoll began working with a newly formed company, Dade Behring, a merger orchestrated by Bain Capital that brought together Behringwerke, duPont, Syva and Dade¬†under one roof.

The first order of business for the company’s Communications Department was establishing a brand and corporate culture that would unite leaders and employees toward a common vision and business goals. The value of this work became critically evident when the company went through a pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy without losing a single customer, supplier or ¬†employee.

For seven years, Catherine worked very closely with the SVP of Corporate Communications and the leadership team to develop communications that bonded the people and departments together. Catherine’s work included:

  • Serving as the Editor of their publication, the Dade Behring Observer, a high-quality magazine produced six times per year, translated into seven languages and distributed in 42 countries.
  • Developing an online news and information portal for all employees known as OneDB.
  • Developing education and training materials for employees and suppliers prior to the pre-packaged Chapter 11.
  • Writing significant portions of the company’s Annual Reports (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005).

In July 2007, Siemens bought Dade Behring for $6 billion.