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All Branding answers one question: Who are you and why should I care? RED can help you:

  • Discover your unique Brand
  • Understand where and how you excel in your marketplace (your unique value proposition)
  • Refine your goals for growth
  • Identify the best target markets (audience analysis)
  • Develop an integrated marketing plan
  • Develop a social media strategy to create customers and fans
  • Develop a database of customers
  • Keep in touch with customers and ask for referrals
  • Use LinkedIn to find leads and brand yourself as an expert

RED Communications LLC has more than 25 years of experience marketing businesses, and is now offering group and one-on-one Branding sessions to kickstart your marketing plans and begin seeing results.

Spend a morning brainstorming with RED. We’ll help you discover your Brand, hone in on target markets, and develop a strategy so that you can get the ball rolling. ¬†For a modest investment, you’ll walk away with a clear focus, an integrated marketing plan, and big ideas that you can begin implementing right away.

We also offer best practice “Lunch and Learn” training sessions for you and your team. Learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, WordPress and Formstack, and how to integrate and streamline your office marketing processes.

Contact us to set up a strategy session or Lunch and Learn with your team.