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Allstate Insurance Company

Employee Engagement, Publications

Allstate Insurance Company has more than 16,000 agencies spread across the country. For more than 25 years, one of the primary vehicles used to inform, educate and inspire agents was Contact magazine, produced by the company’s home office Sales Department.

At one time, Contact magazine was considered a company rag – a top-down, everything-is-rosy magazine that held little value for the agents who received it. While the company spent significant resources on the publication, only 11 percent of agents found it to be “credible.” With many new initiatives always on the horizon, leadership needed the publication to work.

Catherine Driscoll, President of RED, cut her marketing and sales teeth at the Allstate home office from 1987 – 2000. One of her major achievements was turning this publication around. Under her guidance, the credibility factor rose from 11 percent to 89 percent, and agents began relying on the publication as a primary source of news, information and inspiration.

Catherine was awarded a Bronze Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America for her work in turning this pub around.