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Knowledge Is Power Cover

Knowledge Is Power!

Research, Writing, Book Editing, Layout, Publishing Support and Marketing

Dr. Dennis Citrin is a prominent medical oncologist in the Chicago area who specializes in treating breast cancer. He and RED Communications President Catherine Driscoll collaborated on a book about breast cancer in August 2012. The book is now complete and is available on Amazon. Early reviews have been exceptional and some categorize it as the “What To Expect” must-read for breast cancer patients.

The project has entailed interviewing breast cancer patients and writing their stories; editing the book for content, theme and flow; managing the layout and design of the interior and the exterior; and developing a public relations and marketing strategy to support the release of the book.

This has been an incredibly wonderful and fulfilling process from start to finish. In fact, the collaborators are now beginning a second book about preventing cancer.

Kirkus Review of Knowledge is Power: What Every Woman Should Know about Breast Cancer